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Neighborhood design
Neighborhood design


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Tradtional neighborhood design is core to our beliefs

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Timeless Architecture
Timeless Architecture
Instead of soulless McMansions or blocks of identical condos, the team dreams up charming cottages that will only improve with age. Built with aesthetics in mind, these homes are uniquely designed with quality architecture to provide a beautiful place for peaceful living. This community serves as a model for responsible building and development practices in the heart of beloved Starved Rock Country.
Our neighborhoods are designed with walkability in mind. The narrow streets are pedestrian-friendly with the goal of creating a close-knit community. Homes sit close to the street and have porches, balconies, windows and doors facing the street; a design principle that nurtures neighborly conversations. Each neighborhood is designed to provide easy access to the harbor and river walks, connecting the marina, pools, the beach and everything in between.
Within the urbanist design, connectivity is essential. Interconnected streets and walkways will make neighborhoods compact but easy to navigate. The connected design creates space for common gathering areas allowing for effortless communication between neighbors.
Traditional Neighborhood Structure
The traditional neighborhood structure is evidenced by increased density with buildings set close to the street. The sense of community is strengthened through shared amenities such as pools, the marina, and the beach. The neighborhood structure has many characterizing features, but the most distinguishing is the natural blend of mixed land uses that are arranged to make travel between points easy and varied.
The neighborhoods are designed to advocate diversity throughout. Across ages, income levels, cultures and races, the urbanist neighborhood is a melting pot for all. Offering options for every lifestyle, this design promotes a welcoming community. The mixed housing design – common in urbanist design – creates a sense of diversity and community throughout the neighborhood.
Quality of life
Embodying the very best quality of life, each neighborhood creates a space to enrich and uplift the human spirit. Focusing on the wellbeing and relaxation of the community, many amenities are available across the harbor. Planned events throughout the year keep the community connected and active.
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About our Architects

At Heritage Harbor you will find an eclectic balance of architectural expression. Our designs focus on complementing the surrounding natural elements of the waterfront and harbor, while at the same time providing a gathering space for families to connect and make memories. 

Allison Ramsey Architecture

Allison Ramsey Architects are always guided by their core principles, and in following these principles they commit to serving each client in new and exciting ways. Allison Ramsey Architects have achieved many accolades, and although they believe strongly in their design abilities, they don’t let their egos get in the way. 

Bill Allison, a LEED accredited architect, has designed homes and worked closely with local agencies to ensure that the homes are designed and built in an environmentally responsible manner.  The firm always strives to produce architecture that is timeless, traditional, and tied to the region.  

Allison Ramsey Architecture

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