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With Heritage Harbor as your anchor, feel free to drift through our Historic Downtown Ottawa in search of your next excursion. 

Adventure is plentiful in Starved Rock Country.  The rich natural, archaeological, and historic heritage available in Starved Rock Country allows you to participate in a wide range of experiences. The diverse, ever-changing mix of activities makes for a vibrant and always alluring community. Heritage Harbor is conveniently located within 15 miles of four Illinois State Parks, allowing an escape into nature’s finest retreats at a moment’s notice. The diverse communities that comprise Starved Rock Country afford visitors a lineup of unique experiences.


Historic Downtown Ottawa


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Dining Downtown

Red Dog Grill

Red Dog Grill, located in Heritage Harbor, offers dining for the whole family. Enjoy our American and Seafood cuisine in our dining room or on the patio overlooking our vibrant marina.

Dining Downtown


Burger and Sushi House was established with the idea of bringing everyone to the table. With its unique menu, quality food, service
and ambience they provide the perfect downtown Ottawa dining experience.

Dining Downtown

Lone Buffalo

The Lone Buffalo was created under the same roof as their brewery, Tangled Roots, with the intention of bringing good food and beer together. With the idea of “slow food” they work to bring you an experience to savor. Their food has been crafted with fresh products from local farmers and producers.

Lone Buffalo
Dining Downtown

A'lure Aquarium Bar

A’Lure strives to provide an unforgettable dining experience with its social atmosphereand unique fish tank bar.
Whether you wish to grab a drink or stay for dinner, 
A’Lure offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Dining Downtown

The Beach House

Coastal cuisine from around the world focused on fresh fish and seafood however offers plenty of non-seafood items, a full bar specializing in crafted cocktails, and an ample wine list!

Boutique Stores

Heartland By Hand

Find gifts that you will love for a lifetime. Located in Starved Rock Country, on Main Street in Ottawa, IL, Heartland by Hand is a little shop that is well worth a visit. This could be your new favorite stop; a place to find a special gift and where you can get that special photograph, artwork, or keepsake framed.

Boutique Stores

Deja Vu

Located in downtown Ottawa, Deja vu offers unique gifts, florals, and crafts.

Boutique Stores

Laurilea's Unique Junk Boutique

Laurilea’s Unique Junk Boutique finds the beauty in every piece of furniture—breathing new life into pieces by revamping and re-purposing someone else’s castoffs.

Boutique Stores

Iconic Boutique

Offering the best collections from fashion designers across the United States,  Iconic Boutique offers a wide range of clothing, accessories,
handbags and shoes.

Boutique Stores

Floret Plants & Provisions

Boutique Stores

A Mess Of Things

A Mess of Things is home to many great finds. From repurposed, shabby home décor to clothing
and accessories, they have something for everyone.

Old Town

Wall Murals

Throughout the small town of Ottawa, murals are located on many walls. These 9 murals tell the story and history of this small, quaint town; The Day of the Great Debate, The Life of General W.H.L. Wallace, Ottawa’s Earliest Residents, Peltier Glass Factory, Open for Business, Streetscape Reflections, Ottawa as a Canal Town, Image and Learn with Bob McGrath and the History of Communication.

Old Town

W.D. Boyce & Boy Scout Memorial

William D. Boyce, Ottawa resident and founder of Boy Scouts of America, has a life-sized bronze statue watching over his family gravesite.
This monument was funded by Boy Scouts themselves, with many of them visiting his gravesite annually to pay their respects to the founder.

Old Town

Washington Square

Washington Square was home to the first Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas debate. In the middle of the park stand bronze statues of Lincoln and Douglas. Located within the area are monuments of those who lost their lives in the Civil and Spanish American War, World War I, World War  II, Korean War and Vietnam War. There are many benches and greenery throughout making it a great place to relax and enjoy the history of the small town.

Tasting Experiences

August Hill

August Hill Winery, located in historic downtown Utica, shows you the passion from the August Hill family through their handcrafted wines and relaxing tasting room. Just minutes from Starved Rock State Park, enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese on their three-season patio.

Tasting Experiences

Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots Brewing Company set out to create America’s finest total craft beer experience. They focus not only on creating a multitude of craft beers, but also offer a unique ‘farm-to-foam’ craft beer experience. Visitors who share this passion can come and view how the beer is made from start to finish.

Red Dog Grill

Red Dog Grill offers tasting experiences throughout the year. From craft beer to bourbon, there’s a tasting event for ideal everyone. Make sure to check out our events calendar to see when the next tasting event will take place.

Adventure & Outdoor Experiences

Sky Dive Chicago

Experience the adrenaline rush of free falling up to 120 MPH with Skydive Chicago. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first jump, Skydive Chicago is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.  Their goal is to get your heart racing for every single jump.

Zip Chicago

Zip Chicago offers one of the highest, longest tours in Illinois and Wisconsin for adventure seekers from all over. Located in Marseilles, Illinois, they offer numerous tour options.

Buffalo Rock State Park

Buffalo Rock is located on the bluffs of the Illinois River. This small but charming park is home to an enormous outdoor sculpture. There are five “earth art” sculptures molded of Illinois clay that are fun to explore. These sculptures include a snake, turtle, catfish, frog and water strider, all native to the Illinois River area. Perfect for beginner hikers, this park offers many views and is also home to bison that you can enjoy.

Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park is centrally located between Utica and Oglesby, Illinois, in Starved Rock Country. Take in the sights of beautiful rock formations, indigenous vegetation and wildlife. The picnic areas make this a great location to bring the whole family for some outdoor fun. Hike the trails and take in the sights at Matthiessen.

Starved Rock State Park

Adorned with seasonal waterfalls, Starved Rock State Park is full of history and beauty. Take a hike along the trail and check out the scenic overlooks along the Illinois River. Offering many outdoor activities from canoeing, trolley rides, fishing and picnicking, Starved Rock is fun for all. 

Illini State Park

Illini State Park is home to rustic Civilian Conservation Corps buildings as well as riverside picnic areas. Situated between Marseilles and U.S Route 8, this 510–acre park has roaring rapids, beautiful views and a sense of history.

Dayton Bluffs Preserve

Dayton Bluffs Preserve is located off Route 71 in Ottawa, Illinois. It’s a one-of-a-kind place with beauty of the wilderness. Dayton Bluffs is a place to explore the thrill and mystery of true wilderness within Starved Rock Country.

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