The grass is growing, Graduations are behind us, and summer is in full swing! With the great weather we had over Memorial Day weekend, there is absolutely no question that it is time to go boating! There are lots of new faces in the Harbor this year, so take a little time to go meet your new dock neighbors and make some new friends! The Junior fishing tournament is coming up this month- so come up and watch the kids have a great time trying to “land the big one”!

Boating safety month is over, but I wanted to share with you guys some information that most boaters don’t even think about.

Most folks think of the electrical systems on their boats the way they think of their electric at home- either the power is on or off, and the things that I plug in should work, so long as I have a receptacle… In reality marine electric systems are more susceptible to damage and wear, simply because the environment they are in is so different. Vibration, flexing, frequent overloading and more exposure to moisture take their toll on these systems. These systems should be checked frequently, and if maintenance or repairs are necessary, they must be done correctly- a simple mistake can be fatal. In 2012, this issue was driven home to me by the Electric-Shock Drownings of two kids at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. An improperly wired private dock devastated a family. Please check out this article for the details: http://www.boatus.com/seaworthy/magazine/2013/july/electric-shock-drowning-explained.asp. This tragedy and several others were preventable- and should never happen again. The electric systems at Heritage Harbor are tested at least twice per year, and we check the waters periodically for signs of stray current. Any time that you make repairs or modifications to your electric system, ensure that the repairs are done properly- If you aren’t sure about something, have somebody qualified check it out for you! If you would like to have the test done that is explained in the article, let me know- I have the proper equipment, and would be happy to drop by and spend a couple of minutes with you to ensure that we are all being safe out there!

Have a great time boating- I’ll see you at the Friday night Bonfire! (bring a lawn chair and the refreshments of your choice!)