The Heritage Harbor team give THANKS for YOU!!!

The Heritage Harbor team give THANKS for YOU!!! Our beloved harbor wouldn’t be the same without each of the individuals who make up the ‘Harbor Crew.’ Here are just a few of the ways we want to express our THANKS during this holiday season.

Treasured Memories– As we head into this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, we reflect on the treasured memories you’ve shared with us throughout the year. From float-in movie nights to evenings spent enjoying live music, from Saturday morning parkruns to play dates at the dog park, from drinks shared at the Tiki Bar to afternoons spent on the river, we have so much to be thankful for!

Harbor Life– YOU are what makes the Harbor Life so special! Your involvement, contributions, and enthusiasm for all things Heritage Harbor are what make our community so special and inviting.

Anchors– We are so glad you choose our harbor as your port of call, ‘putting down anchor’ and making us your home. Your presence and passion for life and adventure make our vibrant marina a welcome stop for many on their journey through life.

Neighbors– As Robert Fulghum says, “Good neighbors make a huge difference in the quality of life.” Our community is blessed to have so many unique individuals that come together to make such a special crew that we are pleased to be able to experience life with.

Kindred Spirits– A unique place such as Heritage Harbor attracts kindred spirits longing for adventure and connection. We are thankful to all who call Heritage Harbor home, home away from home, or a choice getaway destination. No matter what your involvement is, you are welcome and cherished.

Seasons– We are so thankful for the seasons of the year that we cycle through. The pauses we are granted during the colder seasons in order to rest and recharge are as welcome as the excitement and fervor experienced as the days lengthen and grow warmer. We are also grateful for ‘seasons’ of life—the seasons that lead you to search out communities like ours. Whether you’re looking for year-round family entertainment in your holiday home or for a retirement home in which to enjoy a different pace of life, we are thankful you’ve chosen Heritage Harbor as your place!