“See why people are flocking to Heritage Harbor – The Hidden Gem of the Midwest”

An ideal day looks unique for different people; however, there are a few key underlying elements that tend to be similar. At the heart of what people are drawn to are the lifegiving aspects of connection, nature, and living an active life full of purpose. A life lived with passion and purpose is attractive, inspiring, and highly sought-after. A quick 90-minute drive leads you from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago to the refreshing waterfront community of Heritage Harbor in the heart of Starved Rock Country. We recognize what your soul is searching for and can’t wait to share the Harbor Life with you!

You may have heard us boast about the “Harbor Life,” but may not have really understood what we are referring too. The Harbor Life can’t be captured in a snapshot, nor can it simply be expressed in words, as it’s a collection of experiences and unforgettable moments that resonate with your soul. We decided one of the best ways to portray the Harbor Life would be to follow some of our Heritage Harbor residents through a day around the harbor to experience their memorable moments of “A Day in the Harbor Life.”

Click the play button to experience the “harbor life”

The Harbor life is essentially life as you dream it to be…active waterfront living, connecting with friends and family, enjoying the stunning views and natural environment, indulging in delicious food while enjoying live entertainment. It’s as active or as relaxing as you’d like it to be—that’s the best part—YOU get to choose!

Heritage Harbor has many families in various life stages who have chosen to make the Harbor Life either their full-time home or their second home. If you’re looking for that place where you will find more than just a home, but rather a complete lifestyle, Heritage Harbor is the place for you. Our homes are uniquely designed to accommodate each homeowner’s desires, whether that be full-time living now, or as a vacation rental, today that easily transitions into their retirement home of tomorrow.

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