“We were not out of the lock until after dark. The marina had a guide boat lead us into the harbor, provided us with a late dinner, and exceeded all of our expectations. This is one excellent marina.” -sminard 

If you haven’t yet heard of the Great Loop, it is a continuous waterway including part of the Atlantic, Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, Canadian Heritage Canals, and the inland rivers of America’s heartland.   Any mariner who completes the full journey officially earns the ‘Looper’ title. 

Heritage Harbor Marina has become a favorite stopping point on the Great Loop journey for many.  Our marina is operated by Internationally Accredited Marina Manager, Jeremy Fowler. Jeremy, and his team offer unrivaled customer service as well as informative navigation sessions preparing mariners for the next leg of their journey.  

These reviews say it all:

Best experience we have had at a marina! We were sad we were only staying one night. Jeremy and team did a great job bringing in the 4 or 5 boats coming in at the same time. Very professional. It is a great marina and the Red Dog Grill serves great food as well. A wonderful experience!” –anaprilmiracle75

“We were not out of the lock until after dark. The marina had a guide boat lead us into the harbor, provided us with a late dinner, and exceeded all of our expectations. This is one excellent marina.” -sminard

Heritage Harbor went above and beyond! They greeted 12 boats who arrived at about 9p. Were very organized and found space for everyone. They even kept the restaurant open late while Jeremy briefed the boaters on the rivers ahead. The marina is wonderful, clean, and has plenty of space. Highly recommend staying there!” -pjbattles

Loopers have been experiencing limited lock opening times and have had to be patient and flexible in their plans, often having to pass through locks late at night when they are given a gap. Heritage Harbor has been a true harbor for these travelers, offering a place to rest, recharge, and refuel.  Our extensive amenity offerings make our marina a true ‘harbor’ in the literal sense of the word.  Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our shower suites, onsite waterfront restaurant Red Dog Grill, courtesy vehicle, pools, Tiki Bar, concierge-level dock service, and dock assistance with fueling and pump out.  

We had the pleasure of meeting several couples currently navigating the Great Loop during an evening bonfire. John Keuning, a looper who chose to dock at Heritage Harbor Marina said, “The navigation and informational sessions hosted by Harbor Master Jeremy are unrivaled, and the information offered was invaluable. We are so glad we took our friend’s advice and stopped over—what a great experience!” 

It’s no wonder that Heritage Harbor’s marina was given the 2018 Boater’s Choice award and is on course to receive the accolade yet again for 2019

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