“ Agrihoods are a unique style of neighborhood that combines real estate with agriculture in an urban setting. “

Agrihoods are a unique style of neighborhood that combines real estate with agriculture in an urban setting. These highly sought-after neighborhoods are popping up all over, and Heritage Harbor in Ottawa, Illinois is proud to announce one of their own! The Farmscape at Heritage Harbor will be the first of it’s kind in Starved Rock Country, offering residents the benefits that accompany spending time outdoors growing and harvesting healthy, nourishing food just a few steps from their front doors.

Agriculture is the new golf! Trade the traditional golf course-focused retirement community for one focused on encouraging health and vitality, community, and sustainability.  Ample green space, garden-fresh produce, barns, and attractive community spaces are characteristic of agrihoods, encouraging residents to get outdoors to reap the benefits of the natural environment.

Neighborhood features are vast and varied depending on the needs of the community.  Concepts such as sustainable and environmentally-conscious building practices, solar panels, composting, and water collection are incorporated to maximize the sustainability and positive impact on the surrounding natural environment. Neighborhood plans are designed to maximize community involvement focused around a shared interest in healthy home-grown food, crafting experiences, and shared meals and entertainment.

These pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhoods are embraced by many seeking to maximize enjoyment and participation in the farm-to-table movement while incorporating elements of work and recreation. Agrihoods appeal to active individuals who enjoy healthy food and spending time outdoors. Jordan Perkins with Solutions for Urban Agriculture says,

“So much can be gained by partnering together food and real estate. And that’s not just on the growing side of things, but the education that takes place, the community benefit and how it brings everyone together.”

Heritage Harbor cannot wait to break ground on The Farmscape so that residents and the larger surrounding community can start reaping the benefits of this exciting amenity. The tight-knit Heritage Harbor community is already one to be envied, and The Farmscape will only serve to further encourage connection and comradery.  To find out more about this exciting addition to Heritage Harbor, contact us at (815) 433-5000.

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