Fall is a great time to visit the north-central countryside of Illinois, especially if you’re into hunting and fishing. With a second home in Ottawa, you can plan extended weekends or even set aside full weeks so you can spend time enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Heritage Harbor Ottawa also has vacation homes available for rent, making the location a prime spot in Illinois for a great hunting and fishing vacation retreat.Starved Rock Fall

Fishing, waterfowl and deer hunting all have open seasons during the fall months. Read on to learn what’s available for you to do this season.

Waterfowl: Ottawa is on the border between Northern and Central Goose and Duck Zone, so hunters with a second home at Heritage Harbor Ottawa need to know that the land north of I-80 and west of I-39 is considered the Northern Zone, meaning it has different hunting dates. Visit here to see a map of where these zones are.

Deer: Bow hunting for deer is popular in Ottawa, and Catlin Park right in Ottawa is a prime location for this activity. Hunters can easily leave their home in Heritage Harbor early in the morning, drive a few miles to Catlin Park, set up in their tree stand and have the best seat in the county. Archery season runs through Jan. 18. It is temporarily closed, however, between Nov. 21 and 23, as well as and Dec. 4 – 7. These dates constitute firearm season. Catlin Park does not allow firearm hunters. Click here to learn more about archery hunting in Catlin Park.

Fishing: The rivers and lakes are starting to freeze over for the season, and that means an early ice fishing season might be on its way. If you want to fish from shore, though, you still can. Chances are, you’ll be able to snag some bass, crappies and bluegills. Many of the rivers have dams built, providing some of the top fishing locations in LaSalle County. They’re just a short drive from Heritage Harbor, making it a great place to stay for a fall fishing weekend. And in Ottawa itself, the confluence of the Fox and Illinois Rivers is a great hide-out for many fish species.

Because it’s just a short drive from the Chicago area, Heritage Harbor Ottawa is a great location to plan your next hunting adventure. So pack up your family or friends, pick up your hunting and fishing licenses in town, and set the alarm early for a great day of adventure.

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