Saturday night was totally Rad! Crawdad’s was rock’n and it was a flashback of big hair and power ballads. The music of the 80’s sung the way it should be… By a bunch of thirty something’s trying to sing the songs from their youth while they play… remember when.

The recent theme nights at Crawdad’s have brought out the partier in the local boaters and been a blast for the visiting ones…such as the boaters from East Peoria who belted out “ Roseanna” and “ Time after Time” this last Saturday night.

It appears to be easier to let loose without caring if your off key… when you are on vacation.

Lots of bars have boring old Karaoke, why not come and sign your favorite tunes from another time and have a blast while you reminisce!!!!

Next time we just might need to play 80’s trivia pursuit to test not only everyone’s signing talents, but their memory as well.

“Life is an Adventure… Live it Here!”