One of the best things about this community is the diversity of things to do in the area. Yes we have two rivers and living here is a boaters dream , but what is you dream of all types of adventures. Adrenaline rush type adventures, not sit on the sidelines and watch types of things to do!

kart racing

Welcome to JET Karting, based at the Concept Haulers Motor Speedway,located just minutes away from Heritage Harbor Ottawa.

Ever dream of being a race car driver? The thought of flying around the track, maybe beating your buddies, while your friends & family cheer you on… It doesn’t have to be just a dream!

Although Saturday night the racers are some really great pros, they do allow the “amateurs” to give it a shot by renting a cart and living the dream! Now these aren’t your normal “Go Carts”. These little Italian karts are true racing machines capable of over 45 mph.

Drive a Rental Kart:
Rental Racers, gives you some experience on the track with real performance equipment, but before you do why not check out a real race on Saturday Nights?

rental tunnel

This is truly a unique part of Starved Rock Country.

Live the Adventure that is your life… Here at Heritage Harbor Ottawa !